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Data Drives Effective Communication

Properly leveraged data is the key to profitable direct marketing. American Spirit Data Solutions provides strategic application of robust data, customized analytics, and marketing technologies that, together, enable you to deliver a message that engages, enlightens, and captivates your audience, in turn, providing a better return on your marketing investment.


Data and Lists

Our data assets provide you with valuable prospecting information, such as lifestyle and life-event data, to reach prospects at the right time with the right message using the right media. We have dozens of in-house data assets, hundreds of external data assets, and the experience to know which is right for you.



Greater marketing results come from the combination of new technologies and marketing intelligence. We construct, maintain, and enhance marketing systems that lead to smarter campaigns and positive results. By combining the science of marketing analytics with technological innovation, our platforms increase campaign effectiveness and improve your bottom line. Whether our analysts describe your customers across a variety of demographics and psychographics or predict consumer behaviors by looking for hidden connections in the data, we deliver results.


Innovative Data-Driven Applications

We are experts at synchronizing mass media campaigns to websites, social media, and mobile phones. With the integration of our unique, patented applications, we identify previously anonymous prospects to deliver customized marketing messages across multiple media channels.