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Custom predictive data models

Need a custom predictive data model?

Go to the big data houses (you know who they are) take a number, share your goals, wait eight weeks, pay your bill and hope their suggested model works out. More often than not those big houses will lean to their own sources of data and provide you with an off-the-shelf "custom model."


ASDS does not believe there is one true source of perfect data. In order to meet our client's goals and work toward the best possible return on investment, we use both in-house and third-party data sources to deliver results on our client programs.


In many cases, our sources of data, combined with our data sciences, outperform those big data house solutions 5 to 1. And in ALL cases, we do it in a matter of days or weeks - not months. 


If you want a high performing predictive model now, rather than later, call us. As they say, bigger is not always better.


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