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Live event marketers know less than half their audience.
Let us introduce you to the other half.


CrowdID provides broadcast media, sports, and entertainment marketers a real-time analytics tool to better understand their viewers. Audience members are largely anonymous, and this can be detrimental to the marketers who would like to reach them. The potential to truly know your audience during broadcast or live events and capture, in real-time, the demographics of that audience is very powerful. Real-time identification allows the media or venue marketer to dynamically control ad insertions and customize the broadcast content for the current audience. After all, why advertise homeowners insurance if 65 percent of the audience is comprised of renters?

Here's How It Works

Attendees are encouraged to participate in a texting event (e.g., exclusive event content, special offers). Participants are identified and described via a proprietary process that immediately delivers hundreds of demographic and psychographic attributes. This allows the event marketer to customize marketing content based upon now known audience profiles. What was previously an attempt to create generic audience engagement is now a dynamic, variable marketing program that speaks directly to the consumers sitting in seats. Post event, the marketer can now remarket to these consumers leveraging a newly established affinity.