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Sharing your email address

What does an email address REALLY tell you about the consumer behind it?

Visit any consumer facing website and upon arrival, you’re typically asked to join a loyalty club or receive a small discount in exchange for your e-mail address. When you think about it, what does an email address really tell you about the person behind it? How do you drive 1:1 communications to a bucket full of email addresses?


While consumers are wary of providing sensitive information such as email addresses or phone numbers, the request for name and ZIP code is not considered intrusive by the site visitor. By making this simple web form change, and engaging the power of Insite RealTime™ you can capture consumer information at the first point of contact, harness hundreds of actionable data points on each site visitor, determine the best targets for repeat contact, and remarket to them within a completely automated process.


So much web traffic, but so few conversions? With a 30-year legacy in the consumer marketing space and a suite of innovative and proprietary tools, we can turn that around!