» HEPS Complete

An Automated Data-Driven Marketing Solution


“HEPS” is an acronym that stands for Hygiene, Enrichment, Profiling, and Segmentation. The term “Complete” represents the final step where we apply our findings to drive lift and gain. Our system is capable of using data supplied by the customer (e.g., response data, transactional data) or third-party, syndicated data that embodies the characteristics of the target audiences. With this flexibility in source data, we are able to assist our clients and provide more clarity than ever before.



Once source data is identified and ready to go, HEPS Complete unfolds in the following stages:



Using client supplied customer data; we standardize the data and make necessary corrections, critical in ensuring clean data for the subsequent stages.  (Note: this step is not necessary for ASDS-supplied third-party, syndicated data as it already conforms to the tightest USPS standards.)



With all sorts of data points to examine, our analysts create a snapshot of the data that highlights a variety of statistical relevancies. This snapshot, combined with our proprietary interpretation process, leads us to the final stage…segmentation.


To view an example of our Segmentation Report


Source data is overlaid with hundreds of demographic, psychographic, and geographic attributes. Once the source data is properly enriched, our computer sciences department begins the profiling stage.



We group a client’s audience into clusters/personas based upon the now known demographic and personality traits. Each segment is then encouraged to receive a different communication, tailored to their personality and household profile.



HEPS Complete is the simplest way to gain actionable
insights without the costs and time requirements typically
associated with predictive modeling.