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As a leader in data-driven marketing, American Spirit Data Solutions understands that data can make or break a marketing campaign. The ASDS suite of data assets offers an ability to deliver unparalleled content that engages, enlightens, and captivates. 

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Consumer Data
We license and maintain a national database of more than 250 million consumers from one of the nation’s leading and most reliable compilers. This list combines data from a wide array of sources, including self-reported information, public records, and historical retail purchases.  This database is updated monthly to ensure the most up-to-date information.

Business Data
Businesses come and go. Our national business file contains more than 18 million records and is updated monthly. The database includes business names, contact names, contact job titles, postal addresses, phone numbers and firmagraphic information. It is compiled from yellow pages, online directories, trade journals, annual reports, SEC filings and many other sources. If a business has a “business phone” registered, it will appear in our database. Let us help you put together a list that is sure to hit the right target.

Specialty Data
With thousands of data sources available, it is important to know that specialty sources can be used in instances when compiled data is not adequate. For example, your client may want to target a very specific audience like “women aged 30 to 50 that shop at Pottery Barn,” ASDS has a proven track record of successfully linking specialty data to ultra-targeted marketing programs.

Life Event Data
Timing is everything. Our life event database contains lists such as new movers, new homeowners, expecting parents, and more; which will allow you to target recent changes in consumers’ lives, thus maximizing the opportunities to reach them at the most relevant moment.

Saturation Data
Need to reach every address in a particular area?  We have you covered. Our saturation database includes every business and residential postal addresses. No postal addresses are skipped, so you can reach every address the USPS delivers. 

Email Data
Our email database consists of more than 100 million opt-in email addresses. Let our experts help ensure your email list is accurate and not a compilation of unused “junk” accounts. Furthermore, because of our unique relationship with the national compilers of business and consumer data, we have the advantage of filtering our email addresses according to the demographics and psychographics typically associated with postal data. If you are interested in targeting specific consumers or business using both postal and email addresses, we are here to serve!

Custom Lists
Our in-house databases exceeds 650 million records. If there is a list out there that we are not able to find for you, we can use the data at our fingertips to create a hybrid list to fit your needs and maximize your marketing dollar.