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Custom Data Solutions

Recipient relevance drives conversions. 

Properly leveraged data is the key to relevant direct marketing.

American Spirit Data Solutions provides strategic application of robust data, customized analytics, and marketing technologies that enable you to deliver a message that engages, enlightens, and captivates your audience, and in turn, provides a better return on your marketing investment.


Insite RealTime

Our unique patented online marketing solution turns any general advertisement into a personalized communication and simultaneously converts previously anonymous web visitors into identified guests. By inviting prospects to visit a vanity URL or on existing landing pages Insite RealTime identifies and generates personal profiles in sub-second time. Demographics, location, lifestyle characteristics, and even known purchasing motivators can then be used to dynamic present HTML content and automate your remarketing strategy with increased conversion.  Click on the links below to learn more about Insite RealTime or to experience a demonstration.

HEPS Complete 

A simple, yet sophisticated system that analyzes data across multiple channels, finds hidden connections that predict behavior (e.g., likelihood to respond, media preference), and uniquely tracks future activity with the goal of delivering measurable returns on marketing investments.


“HEPS” is an acronym that stands for Hygiene, Enrichment, Profiling, and Segmentation. The term “Complete” represents the final solution where we apply our findings to drive incremental lift and gain during subsequent marketing efforts. Our system is capable of using data supplied by the customer (e.g., response data, transactional data) or third-party, syndicated data that embodies the characteristics of the target audiences. With this flexibility in source data, we are able to assist our clients and provide more clarity than ever before. Click on the link below to learn more about HEPS Complete.


Greater marketing results come from the combination of new technologies and marketing intelligence. ASDS constructs, maintains, and enhances marketing efforts that lead to smarter campaigns and improved results. By combining the science of marketing analytics with technological innovation, ASDS client campaigns are more effective and improve our client’s bottom line. ASDS analytics pull forward the critical demographic and psychographic characteristics of your best performing consumer segments while simultaneously looking for hidden connections that enhance the final outcome.