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Las Vegas Casino Case Study
Casinos are well-versed in probabilities, and mastering them in all aspects of their business is vital to long-term success. By reaching out to industry leader, American Spirit Corporation (ASC), a Las Vegas Casino sought to increase its odds that prospects would respond favorably to future campaigns. To achieve these objectives, ASC employed a hybrid segmentation process that made use of Experian’s Mosaic and TrueTouch models, as well as analyzing additional demographic and behavioral attributes to gain additional insights on the characteristics of previous campaign responders.

DeliverCareRx Case Study
DeliverCareRx’s (DCRX) mission is to help chronically ill customers comply with their prescription regimen by providing free home delivery and refill processing of the medications they have been prescribed. Because a large portion of their new patient generation is sourced through direct phone, mail or web contact with potential customers, DCRX reached out to American Spirit Corporation to help acquire, qualify and manage prospective customer data and maximize successful customer enrollments.

Minnesota Wild Case Study

As the Minnesota Wild office team planned the distribution of its new magnetic card season tickets for the 2014-2015 season, it focused on conveying the value of the team and the value it places on its number one fans. Recognizing the need for innovation, the Minnesota Wild reached out to another great Minnesota team, Carlson Print Group, to lend its expertise to an already winning package.

Insurance Industry Case Study
When you think of traditional insurance companies, "innovation" may not be the first word that comes to mind, but this Fortune 100 insurer embraced innovation when it employed best-in-class solutions to the age-old problem of making sure the right message gets to the right people at the right time.

Travel Industry Case Study
How do you know if the offer you are making is what your customer wants? Using a proven combination of a special offer in exchange for just two pieces of information, a consumer's name and ZIP code, ASC was able to capture important data about the consumer and present offers specially aimed at his/her demographics to optimize marketing efforts. Targeted marketing to now known consumers resulted in a significant increase in website traffic and monthly sales increase ten-fold.

Major Cataloguer Case Study
There’s nothing like picking up a good book to engage your imagination. More than a simple transmission of information visually, a physical book or catalog has an appeal that cannot be matched electronically. But, successful catalog sales don’t just happen, and the right cover design can increase both sales and the frequency of purchases. Using a combination of print technologies, CPG has produced memorable pieces that drive sales, for comparatively low costs that may surprise you.

Jeep Wrangler Case Study

Leveraging the partnership with Call of Duty: MW3 provided Jeep a key opportunity to drive engagement with consumers through print insertions with a unique creative application targeted at gaming enthusiasts. The partnership was a success and resulted in significant market exposure of the Jeep brand.

Auto Club Member Acquisition – Use Case Study
A national automobile association offers personal travel and roadside assistance services to more than 54 million members in the United States and Canada. With such an extensive customer database to market to, matching the right opportunity, with the best offer, to the right individual or household becomes critically important to ensure that every marketing dollar is spent wisely and effectively. Learn how American Spirit Corporation provides strategic intelligence and a strategy that uses existing member data to develop more productive and cost-effective marketing campaigns and increase ROI.

National Auto Parts Retailer – Use Case Study
A national auto parts retailer would like to grow their CRM database and initiate a number of programs that inspire consumers to make frequent purchases. Both email and postal mail are the preferred channels for communicating with their customers.

Form Abandonment – Use Case Study
The customer’s website contains a web form linked to an application for approval. Because most web forms are abandoned by the consumer when sensitive information is required (e.g., email address, phone number) a new approach is required. By making a few simple changes to the online form and asking consumers to provide the following key pieces of information, we can significantly improve the data capture rate.

Unknown Audience Engagement – Use Case Study
With more than 500 stores, 50 restaurants, and more than 40 million visitors each year, the management company of one of the nation’s largest shopping malls seeks to identify their visitors and provide engaging information or offer incentives that enhance and bring value to each visitor.

Detailed demographic information on actual mall visitors would allow them to proactively market current and future events to known shoppers and encourage return visits to the mall to shop, dine, or for entertainment.