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By combining the science of marketing analytics with technological innovation, American Spirit Data Solutions provides the strategic intelligence to develop more productive and cost-effective marketing campaigns. Whether you are looking for cost effective descriptive models or best-in-class predictive models, we can help.

Descriptive Modeling

Market Profiling

  • Indexes your existing or prospect audience against national consumer databases and identifies trends and penetration.
  • Identifies key attributes that define your audience and develop targeted lists for marketing efforts.


Cluster Analysis and Personality Profiling

  • Segmentation analysis groups your audience into segments based upon personality traits for more precise targeting.
  • Highlights unique messaging and communication strategies tailored to each cluster personality. 



Predictive Modeling

Target Selection

  • Identifies those candidates who are most likely to respond positively to a mailing, purchase a product, or purchase a membership.
  • Minimizes the expense of direct mail prospecting.


Flight Risk Analysis

  • Measures the propensity of an audience to lapse a membership, stop giving, or stop buying. Identify targets to provide special, specific communication or simply avoid.
  • Generates reports for future comparison and the possible adjustment of communication method and/or offer. These can be updated as often as necessary. 


By partnering with us, you gain strategic intelligence on how to use

the data obtained to develop more productive and cost-effective

marketing campaigns and increase your ROI.